Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spritz "n" Clean BEST HANDHELD electronic cleaner!!!!

Spritz "n" Clean BEST HANDHELD electronic cleaner!!!!
I must say this product is GENIUS!! I received this product to review and I am thrilled I was chosen! Hands down and thumbs up... This is a cleaner for cellphones or what my son used it for was his flat screen TV. It is called Spritz n clean.. it is the best electronic cleaning system that is able to be held in your hand. It needs 4 aaa batteries that are included 2oz. tech clean cleansing mist, MicroChamois for wiping, Cellphone Cleansing Pouch, Electronic Ion Mister with plush carry bag and of course the instruction manual. At first I sprayed myself in my face (a good thing it is alcohol free solvent free and ammonia free) and it did "wake me up!" lol.. As soon as you slide Spritz n clean panel upwards, the blue light goes on (which is to check your screen and you are able to see the mist coming out, which is a constant spray until you push the panel back down) and a light mist comes out. I spayed my iphone6 and OMG I didn't realize how dirty it was. The screen was sparkling!! When my son seen exactly how clean it got my screen.. he used it on his TV!! I held it a few inches away from my iphone and let it sit for around 10 seconds. Then I used the microfiber cloth (which is enclosed) and began to wipe my screen... SPOTLESS!! Now the downside, I see the scratches on my screen that I didn't know I had!! I think for any person that has an ipad or iphone or expensive electronics.. this is for you!!! I love this~I will be buying the refills for this!! I am a FAN!!!
I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest, unbiased review

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